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Logo Guess Challenge Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Logo Guess Challenge

Are you a lover of logo guessing games?
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Logo Guess Challenge
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Are you a lover of logo guessing games? Are you good at recognizing Logos? If yes then Logo guess challenge is for you. Challenge your mind and guess over 2000 logos of different brands from all over the world.

Logo guess challenge is a logo trivia or logo quiz game. We show you a cut down version of a logo and your goal is to guess that logo by filling out empty slots from given set of letters. We have tons of trendy brand logos from all over the world so that you can have a constant stream of fun for hours!

Logos from different categories
Logos from different categories of brands are included. These categories are: Electronics, Airlines, Cars, Banks, Food, Cosmetics, Drinks, Games, Music, Fashion, Health, Industry, Kids, Media, Organizations, Sports, Technology, Web, Television, Watches, Shops and many more...

A game for family & friends
Logo guess challenge is a fun trivia game for you and your friends & family. Guess tons of trendy logos with your friends or enjoy logo guessing challenge with your family and have fun!

Offline game, no internet or Wi-Fi required
Other than watching optional rewarded ads for free hints, no internet or wi-fi is required. All levels are available offline.

Available game hints
The hints available in the game are:
1) Delete letters (Letters that are not in the answer)
2) Reveal a letter (Reveal a letter that is in the answer)
3) Solve it! (Solve logo and show the answer)
4) Ask Friend (Via screenshot)

Instant Fun
Guessing logos of brands is quick and instant fun.

Simple, Unique and User Friendly Interface
Logo guess challenge is very simple and addictive game with neat and clean user interface.

Game Features
★ 2000+ logos to guess.
★ Game Hints (Delete letters, Reveal a letter, Solve Riddle, Ask Friend).
★ View solved logos.
★ Ask from friend (Via screenshot).
★ Watch rewarded videos and get coins.
★ Daily rewards.
★ Buy coins from coins store.
★ Cool graphics, smooth animations and popping sounds.
★ Small game size.
★ Available for various screen sizes (Mobiles & Tablets).

All logos shown or represented in this game are copyright and/or trademark of their respective corporations. The use of low resolution images in this trivia game for use of identification in a informational context qualify as fair use under copyright law. Some brands use different names in different countries. For such cases always the name for the widest range has been selected.












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