În fiecare zi oferim GRATUIT aplicații și jocuri Android licențiate pe care altfel ar trebui să le cumpărați.

Ofertele Android de astăzi

Spelling Master - Ultimate English Quiz Games Giveaway

Spelling Master - Ultimate English Quiz Games

Spelling master is an ultimate English quiz game
$3.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Block Blast - Match Colors and Blast Rows Giveaway

Block Blast - Match Colors and Blast Rows

Match blocks of same colors vertically to clear lines.
$1.49 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Space Rush Giveaway

Space Rush

Space rush is a hyper casual game that will challenge your...
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Edge Lighting border pro Giveaway

Edge Lighting border pro

Edge Lighting Border Pro is a unique app that adds a stunning...
$4.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Speed Camera Radar (PRO) Giveaway

Speed Camera Radar (PRO)

This application is used to detect hazards on the road, such as...
$26.99 expirat
Connect: cute monsters and food. Casual game Giveaway

Connect: cute monsters and food. Casual game

Looking for a new colorful casual game?
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
TouchTouchPangPang Giveaway


Remove blocks next to the same block.
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
OneShot2 Giveaway


Drag to make a path from the ball to the target.
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
MergeDown2 Giveaway


Blocks come down. Merge the falling blocks to get rid of them.
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Picture Palette Wear OS Giveaway

Picture Palette Wear OS

Select a picture from your phone! Choice the colors you love!
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Simple Clock Widget - Word Clock Giveaway

Simple Clock Widget - Word Clock

Simple clock widget is widget app for adding beautiful word clock...
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Logo Guess Challenge Giveaway

Logo Guess Challenge

Are you a lover of logo guessing games?
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Speed Math - Mini Math Games Giveaway

Speed Math - Mini Math Games

Speed math 2018 is a quick math master game that can make you...
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Emoji Guess Challenge Giveaway

Emoji Guess Challenge

Can you speak emoji?
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Healing Wood Block Travel Giveaway

Healing Wood Block Travel

Welcome to the colorful world of Healing WoodBlock Puzzles!
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
AquaLine Blue - Icon Pack Giveaway

AquaLine Blue - Icon Pack

AquaLine is blue thin outlined icon packs with gradient style...
$1.49 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Bulbs - A game of lights Giveaway

Bulbs - A game of lights

Test your memory and boost your brain's power with this simple...
$0.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Edge Lighting - Borderlight Giveaway

Edge Lighting - Borderlight

Has an amazing user interface to use and it make your mobile...
$8.49 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Star - Yellow Icon Pack Giveaway

Star - Yellow Icon Pack

Star is Yellow and black color shapeless icon pack.
$1.49 expirat
Hero Survivors - Premium Giveaway

Hero Survivors - Premium

Evil monsters are invading the entire world!
$4.99 expirat
Windows Giveaway
gratuit astăzi
Aspecte retro pentru fotografii elegante!

Game Giveaway

Falco 2048 Pop
An exciting game that combines the genres of casual games and puzzles. 

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Mox MTG Life Counter Giveaway
The ultimate MTG Companion app to keep track of your life total, poison, energy, loyalty counters and much more.
$3.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Hacker News Tracker Giveaway
This App will help you to check if your email id has appeared in any recent data breach.
$1.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi
Click Planet - Spacecraft Giveaway
Collect enough resources and then build the facility.
$4.99 ➞ gratuit astăzi