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Simple Goal Tracker Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Simple Goal Tracker

This is Simple Goal Tracking App which allow you to create Yearly , Monthly and Daily Goals.
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This is Simple Goal Tracking App which allow you to create Yearly , Monthly and Daily Goals.

Sometime in our busy life we get so deeply involved in our daily task that we forget about our passion or Life Goals that we want achieve.

Idea behind this app is to set some minimum requirements to do some activity towards your Goal.

Even the small amount of work towards your passion every month can take you really forward towards your Goal.

Key idea is to set target number as minimum number. For Example Reading minimum 2 Chapters from Some Book Every Month.You can always do more if time allows.

By keeping track of your activities towards your Goal this way will force you to think more about your goals and time you spent on them.

You can also Keep track of your bad habit in same manner, Just consider target number as maximum amount you can do particular activity.

> Create Yearly, Monthly and Daily Goals
> Very Simple to use and non intrusive in daily life
> You can use this app in multiple way according to your need
> Reminder option which will remind you about your Goals with timely notifications

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