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Ultimate Survival Manual Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Ultimate Survival Manual

Start at the preparedness center where you can monitor disasters and preparedness management all over the USA.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Ultimate Survival Manual is now available on the regular basis.

Start at the preparedness center where you can monitor disasters and preparedness management all over the USA.

The main feature of this app is a worldwide- all weather conditions survival manual that gives you what need to survive in any environment. The app will also help you find your position thru WGS-84 coordinates, and if you need to hunt, this app contains all the calls you will ever need.

With this app, you are equipped to survive!

Chapter 1: Introduction
- Survival actions
- Pattern for survival

Chapter 2: Psychology of survival
- A look at stress
- Natural reactions
- Preparing yourself

Chapter 3: Survival planning and survival kits
- Importance of planning
- Survival kits

Chapter 4: Basic survival medicine
- Requirements for maintenance of health
- Medical emergencies
- Lifesaving steps
- Bone and joint injury
- Bites and stings
- Wounds
- Environmental injuries
- Herbal medicines

Chapter 5: Shelters
- Primary Shelter
- Shelter site selection
- Types of shelters

Chapter 6: Water procurement
- Water sources
- Still construction
- Water purification
- Water filtration devices

Chapter 7: Firecraft
- Basic fire principles
- Site selection and preparation
- Fire material selection
- How to build a fire
- How to light a fire

Chapter 8: Food procurement
- Animals for food
- Traps and snares
- Killing devices
- Fishing devices
- Cooking and storage of fish and game

Chapter 9: Survival use of plants
- Edibility of plants
- Plants for medicine
- Miscellaneous uses of plants

Chapter 10: Poisonous plants
- How plants poison
- All about plants
- Rules for avoiding poisonous plants
- Contact dermatitis
- Ingestion poisoning

Chapter 11: Dangerous animals
- Insects and arachnids
- Leeches
- Bats
- Venomous snakes
- Snake-free areas
- Dangerous lizards
- Dangers in rivers
- Dangers in bays and estuaries
- Saltwater dangers
- Other dangerous sea creatures

Chapter 12: Field-expedient weapons, tools and equipment
- Staffs
- Clubs
- Edged weapons
- Other expedient weapons
- Cordage and lashing
- Rucksack construction
- Clothing and insulation
- Cooking and eating utensils

Chapter 13: Desert survival
- Terrain
- Environmental factors
- Need for water
- Heat casualties
- Precautions
- Desert hazards

Chapter 14: Tropical survival
- Tropical weather
- Jungle types
- Travel through jungle areas
- Immediate considerations
- Water procurement
- Food
- Poisonous plants

Chapter 15: Cold weather survival
- Cold regions and locations
- Windchill
- Basic principles of cold weather survival
- Hygiene
- Medical aspects
- Cold injuries
- Shelters
- Fire
- Water
- Food
- Travel
- Weather signs

Chapter 16: Sea survival
- The open sea
- Seashores

Chapter 17: Expedient water crossings
- Rivers and streams
- Rapids
- Rafts
- Flotation devices
- Other water obstacles
- Vegetation obstacles

Chapter 18: Field-expedient direction finding
- Using the sun and shadows
- Using the moon
- Using the stars
- Making improvised compasses
- Other means of determining direction

Chapter 19: Signaling techniques
-Means for signaling
-Codes and signals
-Aircraft vectoring procedures

Chapter 20: Survival movement in hostile areas
- Phases of planning
- Execution
- Hide site activities
- Hole-up areas
- Return to friendly control

Chapter 21: Camouflage
- Personal camouflage
- Methods of stalking

Chapter 22: Contact with people
- Contact with local people
- Survival behavior
- Changes to political allegiance

Chapter 23: Survival in man-made hazards
- The nuclear environment
- Biological environments
- Chemical environments
Appendix A: Survival kits
Appendix B: Edible and medicinal plants
Appendix C: Poisonous plants
Appendix D: Dangerous insects and arachnids
Appendix E: Venomous snakes and mollusks
Appendix F: Dangerous fish and mollusks
Appendix G: Ropes and knots
Appendix H: Clouds foretellers of weather
Appendix I: Evasion of action


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