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Ultimate Survival Manual Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Ultimate Survival Manual

Start at the preparedness center where you can monitor disasters and preparedness management all over the USA.
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Start at the preparedness center where you can monitor disasters and preparedness management all over the USA.

The main feature of this app is a worldwide- all weather conditions survival manual that gives you what need to survive in any environment. The app will also help you find your position thru WGS-84 coordinates, and if you need to hunt, this app contains all the calls you will ever need.

With this app, you are equipped to survive!

Chapter 1: Introduction
- Survival actions
- Pattern for survival

Chapter 2: Psychology of survival
- A look at stress
- Natural reactions
- Preparing yourself

Chapter 3: Survival planning and survival kits
- Importance of planning
- Survival kits

Chapter 4: Basic survival medicine
- Requirements for maintenance of health
- Medical emergencies
- Lifesaving steps
- Bone and joint injury
- Bites and stings
- Wounds
- Environmental injuries
- Herbal medicines

Chapter 5: Shelters
- Primary Shelter
- Shelter site selection
- Types of shelters

Chapter 6: Water procurement
- Water sources
- Still construction
- Water purification
- Water filtration devices

Chapter 7: Firecraft
- Basic fire principles
- Site selection and preparation
- Fire material selection
- How to build a fire
- How to light a fire

Chapter 8: Food procurement
- Animals for food
- Traps and snares
- Killing devices
- Fishing devices
- Cooking and storage of fish and game

Chapter 9: Survival use of plants
- Edibility of plants
- Plants for medicine
- Miscellaneous uses of plants

Chapter 10: Poisonous plants
- How plants poison
- All about plants
- Rules for avoiding poisonous plants
- Contact dermatitis
- Ingestion poisoning

Chapter 11: Dangerous animals
- Insects and arachnids
- Leeches
- Bats
- Venomous snakes
- Snake-free areas
- Dangerous lizards
- Dangers in rivers
- Dangers in bays and estuaries
- Saltwater dangers
- Other dangerous sea creatures

Chapter 12: Field-expedient weapons, tools and equipment
- Staffs
- Clubs
- Edged weapons
- Other expedient weapons
- Cordage and lashing
- Rucksack construction
- Clothing and insulation
- Cooking and eating utensils

Chapter 13: Desert survival
- Terrain
- Environmental factors
- Need for water
- Heat casualties
- Precautions
- Desert hazards

Chapter 14: Tropical survival
- Tropical weather
- Jungle types
- Travel through jungle areas
- Immediate considerations
- Water procurement
- Food
- Poisonous plants

Chapter 15: Cold weather survival
- Cold regions and locations
- Windchill
- Basic principles of cold weather survival
- Hygiene
- Medical aspects
- Cold injuries
- Shelters
- Fire
- Water
- Food
- Travel
- Weather signs

Chapter 16: Sea survival
- The open sea
- Seashores

Chapter 17: Expedient water crossings
- Rivers and streams
- Rapids
- Rafts
- Flotation devices
- Other water obstacles
- Vegetation obstacles

Chapter 18: Field-expedient direction finding
- Using the sun and shadows
- Using the moon
- Using the stars
- Making improvised compasses
- Other means of determining direction

Chapter 19: Signaling techniques
-Means for signaling
-Codes and signals
-Aircraft vectoring procedures

Chapter 20: Survival movement in hostile areas
- Phases of planning
- Execution
- Hide site activities
- Hole-up areas
- Return to friendly control

Chapter 21: Camouflage
- Personal camouflage
- Methods of stalking

Chapter 22: Contact with people
- Contact with local people
- Survival behavior
- Changes to political allegiance

Chapter 23: Survival in man-made hazards
- The nuclear environment
- Biological environments
- Chemical environments
Appendix A: Survival kits
Appendix B: Edible and medicinal plants
Appendix C: Poisonous plants
Appendix D: Dangerous insects and arachnids
Appendix E: Venomous snakes and mollusks
Appendix F: Dangerous fish and mollusks
Appendix G: Ropes and knots
Appendix H: Clouds foretellers of weather
Appendix I: Evasion of action


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