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Water level monitor (Wi-Fi) Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Water level monitor (Wi-Fi)

This application is one of the best solution to monitor the water (or any other fluid) level

This giveaway offer has been expired. Water level monitor (Wi-Fi) is now available on the regular basis.

This application is one of the best solution to monitor the water (or any other fluid) level and to control the associated pump over Wi-Fi.

Detailed description: This application is for people or hobbyists those want to monitor the level of water or any fluid and control the pump from their Android phones either in automatic or manual way.

*This application receives the fluid level values over the Wi-Fi link. It needs an active connection with the Wi-Fi module such as ESP8266 or any other that is supposed to send the fluid level information gathered by a micro-controller such as Arduino from fluid containing tank.

**Fluid level information sent by micro-controller via Wi-Fi module to iFluid application contains integer values ranges from 0 to 100 based on the level of fluid in container.

Technical working:

1. (Hardware side): Working of iFluid application totally depends on the micro-controller based fluid level detection mechanism. Micro-controller will collect the fluid level information from fluid container using transistor based water level sensing mechanism or using ultrasonic sensor such as HC-SR04.

2. (Application side): Note that this application only accepts the fluid level information in terms of integer values those should range from 0 to 100. According to the current level of fluid in container, micro-controller sends the appropriate integer value to iFluid over Wi-Fi (that should range between 0 to 100). For example, let us say if container is half filled with water then micro-controller is supposed to send integer value 50 to application.

iFluid application requires your phone to be connected with Wi-Fi module. When you will start the application, it will demand IP ADDRESS and PORT number of Wi-Fi module that is supposed to be configured as server. For example, if we use ESP8266 as Wi-Fi module, follow its AT command set to make it as server. By default, static IP ADDRESS of ESP8266 is and you can fix PORT number as per your desire.

After that, application will take half of the second to establish an active data connection between itself and Wi-Fi module. As soon as it establish the connection with Wi-Fi module, you need to select the AUTO or MANUAL mode to either turn ON/OFF the pump in automatic or manual way.

After your selection, application will ready to receive the fluid level values over Wi-Fi link.

If you select AUTO mode, application will keep the pump ON if fluid level is less than 100%, else it will turn OFF the pump if fluid level reached 100%.

If you select MANUAL mode, toggle button will be enabled for you to manually control the pump at desired fluid levels.

Application sends character # to micro-controller over Wi-Fi link to turn OFF and character * to turn ON the pump.

*Pressing back button will terminate data connection between Wi-Fi module and application.


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4.0 and up


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