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MobileHeal Pro Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - MobileHeal Pro

MobileHeal Pro offers essential Device Management for everyone. Features include...

This giveaway offer has been expired. MobileHeal Pro is now available on the regular basis.

MobileHeal Pro offers essential Device Management for everyone.

Features include :-
(For Remote Device Management like Remote Lock/Wipe/Alarm, Anti-Theft, Parental Control access webportal-www.myjarviz.com)

Security : Antivirus, App Privileges
Protect your device against malware and malicious apps. Scan all installed applications.
Know what permissions your installed application have and what those permissions mean.

Parental Control : Whether you want to protect your kids online or want to keep some apps locked on a shared device the Parental Control feature is right for you. All the data regarding the child device's usage shall be available at the parent web console console.

Spam control: Block unwanted Calls and SMS including Sms content blocking.
Don't ever receive any annoying calls and sms's again. Mobile Heal will block them for you.
You can view a history of blocked events in the app and on your web console.

Data Usage: Monitor the internet usage of your apps to ensure you don't go over your monthly limit.

Backup and restore your data from the server.

Manage: Feature set also includes option to remotely locate, lock or wipe device from web console in case device is stolen or lost.
Delete Your Data: Completely wipe all the private data stored on your lost phone, including pictures, texts, contacts, call history, account info, and more.
Sound an Alarm: It can sound a loud alarm upon command and make it easier to find the lost device.

Web Portal (www.myjarviz.com) : Access your device's backups, usage, location as well as Remote device management.

15 days free trial available!

You can email us your queries at : support@jarviz.net


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Low Maturity


2.2 and up


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