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Skaterbase Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Skaterbase

Skaterbase is the must have app for the keen ice skater.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Skaterbase is now available on the regular basis.

Skaterbase is the must have app for the keen ice skater. Comprising a Program Designer, IJS calculator, Metronome, BPM Calculator, IJS Element / step code lookup tool, ice time/cost/blade wear logging and tracking system - there's nothing else quite like it.

Program Designer:
• Supports Single, Pairs, Couples Dance and UK Solo Dance disciplines.
• Freehand pattern editor. Trace the pattern of your program with your finger. Make adjustments using the nudge and erase tools and use colours to highlight specific parts of the pattern. Can display man and ladies patterns separately or overlaid. Images from your gallery can be used as a background when drawing a pattern or laying out your steps.
• Step and element editor. Add, reorder and delete the steps and elements of your program using the proper step and element codes. Place them on the pattern by hand or using the Autoplace feature of the Pattern editor.
• Searchable database of over 450 step and element codes with accompanying english description. Elements are categorised by type (e.g. jump, lift, spin) and discipline with category specific shortcut keys to make code lookup as fast as possible.
• Integrated IJS calculator maintains a running Total Element Score as you edit your program. Elements can be adjusted to instantly see the effect of a change in Level or GOE. Supports jump sequences, jump combinations and combination lifts.
• Supports time or beat based programs. Beat based programs use a metronome to set the beat timing and bar structure while time based programs gain access to an interactive step/element timing tool. Simply tap out the beat to set the timing of steps.
• Replay your program using music from your own library or, for beat based programs you have the option of playing back in time with the metronome.
• Share your programs via email or Google Drive.
• Comprehensive built in help system explains each component of the program editor at the touch of a button.
• Designed for phone and tablet. Hold a tablet upright and Skaterbase works just like it would on a phone with a bigger screen, rotate the tablet onto its side and Skaterbase now shows three editors at once allowing you to work more quickly.

• Adjustments for tempo (60 to 250bpm) and time signature (presets for 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4).
• Contains presets for over thirty popular ice dances.
• Can be played with the screen turned off.

Code Finder:
• quick lookup for standard dance codes and IJS element codes.

BPM Calculator:
• Simply determine the tempo of a piece of music by tapping to the beat.

Skate Logging System:
• Records session time, ice time, activities and costs.
• Notes can be added to sessions and activities.
• Grinds can be recorded along with relevant notes.
• Fully searchable database, makes locating specific sessions simple.
• Tracks blade usage and reminds you with alarms and notifications when your blades are getting ready to be sharpened.
• Fully configurable session and activity types can be expanded as your skating activities grow.
• Ice time to session time comparisons show how effectively you're using the available ice time.


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3.0 and up

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