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WizardProg Expert Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - WizardProg Expert

Mobile application "WizardProg Expert" is an extended, paid-for version of free software "WizardProg Mobile".
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WizardProg Expert
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Mobile application "WizardProg Expert" is an extended, paid-for version of free software "WizardProg Mobile", and it is designed to programmatically control the operation of the portable universal TL866A/CS USB programmer, as well as fully compatible models. The system, which includes a programmer and a mobile device with an "WizardProg Expert" application installed on it, is used to program a wide range of E(E)PROM chips, microcontrollers internal EEPROM, testing SRAM chips and logic chips.

The application allows you to achieve a new level of mobility and efficiency when using the programmer TL866A/CS, which is used widely to repair and adjustment:
· automotive computers, computer-unit and radio;
· personal computers;
· any other modern electronic equipment.

The "WizardProg Expert" system is used by service technicians of electronics, amateur radio operators and developers of modern electronic devices for the purpose of:
· repair and restore the microelectronic device and firmware;
· promptly update the firmware of microelectronic devices;
· assist in the embedded electronics construction and setting up the microcontroller units;
· replicate numerous useful designs using advanced electronic components.

Main characteristics and features of the "WizardProg Expert" microelectronic programming system are:
· Fast and reliable programming, in most cases with significantly better speed than the similar systems.
· The programmer's low power consumption when powered by USB (OTG)-cable from the mobile device battery.
· Support for a wide range of integrated circuits (ICs): the memory of a large capacity up to 128Mbit (EPROM, FLASH, EEPROM I2C/3-wire/SPI), microcontrollers PIC, Atmel-AVR, MCS-51 based SST, SyncMOS, Winbond. PLD chips, GAL.

TL866 programmer does not need an external power supply and it operates using the power sources of a tablet or mobile phone which is connected to via USB interface. Physical linking to a mobile device is provided with a USB cable fully supporting OTG (On-The-Go) protocol.

Important note! The target control tablet or mobile phone must have a fully implemented hardware support of OTG access too!

The "WizardProg Expert" application, in contrast to the fully autonomous "WizardProg Mobile", requires access to the Internet (at least periodically) to confirm operating authorization, as a paid form of distribution requires.

There are two modifications of the programmer TL866: TL866A - with supports in-circuit (ICSP) programming and TL866CS - without ICSP. The "WizardProg Expert" application supports both modifications. The modern version of the TL866II Plus programmer currently is not supported by the "WizardProg Expert" system!

Device list for the current application version: http://www.wizardprog.com/wp/dblist/recent_xp_version_chiplist.htm


Sergey Menylyshev




1.5 build 103050





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